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Anyone Can Customize Their Closets

Remodeling a home can be quite expensive.  Even if you opt to do most of the remodeling yourself, there is still a bit of a cost. If you aren’t ready to remodel your whole home, consider doing a few rooms or even just a closet or pantry.  Anyone can customize or remodel a closet or pantry if they budget their needs and wants.  Setting a budget is like setting goals.  Give yourself a range, and shop around until you find what you want within that budget.

Revolutionize Your Closet

First, figure out what you don’t like about your closet.  Is it too small?  Too deep?  Not enough shelves or coat space?  Once you have figured out exactly what it is that you don’t like you can think of ways to improve it.  Maybe you want to add shelving or paint the inside of it.  Maybe you’d like to add some organizers.  Whatever it is, think of a way to make your closet work best for you and your style.

Next, set a budget.  If you can, make your budget a range such as $500-1,000.  It is easier to stay within a range than a fixed amount.  You can budget each thing that you want to change or have an overall budget for your closet. It is important to set a reasonable budget and stay within that.  If you find that you are spending too much on one aspect of your closet, you may have to cut back elsewhere.  If you have a large budget you may want to have a professional customize your closet. If you have a small budget, consider shopping for individual pieces.

After you have set your budget, go shopping!  This is the fun part.  Shopping is the best part of any makeover or remodel.  Thrift stores are great places for vintage and inexpensive pieces.  A distributor is a great way to find something in the middle and of course specialty stores carry the most expensive and highest quality of stuff.

After you have shopped around, it’s time to install and makeover your closet!  If you aren’t very handy with tools or a paintbrush, enlist the help of a friend.  Do-it-yourself projects are the most fun and memorable.  If you opt for a professional, stay close by to monitor.  Once it’s installed it may be too late to fix if it isn’t how you wanted it.

No matter your budget, you can customize and makeover your closet.  It’s always nice to remake a closet and make it “your own.” You’ll be glad you did.

Check out our closet photo gallery to help with all of your closet design ideas!

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