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Ask the Home Organization Systems Designer: Part Two

Every home is unique, and every homeowner has different organizational needs. When it comes to closet makeovers, custom solutions are often the best way to make the space function at its best. In this multi-part series, the custom home organization system designers at Organizers Direct answer some of the most frequently asked questions about remodeling storage spaces in the home.


One of the biggest frustrations for many homeowners is a sheer lack of space. At first, it may not seem worth it to customize a small, reach-in closet. However, the opposite is usually true. Custom organization systems are all the more important for small closets, as an efficiently organized space can store far more items than a disorganized one. Here are some of the ways we upgrade reach-in closets.

Maximizing Space

Properly designed reach-in closets take advantage of every inch of available space. Every part of the design is meant to make the space fully functional. We combine several storage solutions to ensure no part of the closet is wasted. Adjustable rods and shelves give you the ability to reconfigure your closet as your storage needs change. Some shelves can also be moved up and down, further increasing versatility.


Using vertical space

Most reach-in closets have one hanging rod with a shelf above it, usually 70 inches above the floor. This is a very inefficient use of space. When hung, most clothing items usually only require 36 to 42-inches of vertical space, so by placing one hanging rod 42-inches above the floor and another above it at 84-inches above the floor, we instantly double the vertical space used for hanging clothing.

Installing storage accessories

Several accessories can be used to improve the efficiency of a small closet space. For example, valet rods pull out when needed and slide back into place when not in use. These are perfect for hanging dry cleaning or arranging your outfit. Additionally, sliding baskets and roll-out storage options extend the functionality of your closet without consuming a lot of extra space, and inserts can be placed into drawers to store delicate items, like jewelry. Racks for ties, belts and scarves are another option to accessorize the closet storage system.

Clearing the Floor Space

A vacant floor space will make even the smallest reach-in closet look bigger and more organized. Cubbies, shelves and hooks keep items off the floor and out of the way.

Considering long-term storage

Most homeowners rely on the top shelves of their closets to store items that are not used often. Stackable bins, boxes and baskets make it easy to maximize that space. When we design reach-in closet organization systems, we consider the types of items that will be stored on high shelves so we can account for their weights and sizes.

Even the smallest reach-in closet can offer functional organization when designed thoughtfully and properly. To discuss your reach-in closet remodel, contact an Organizers Direct dealer near you.

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