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Getting Rid Of Clutter

It’s easy to let your space build up clutter little by little, one day at a time, until your whole home is filled with things.  Cleaning a home with excessive clutter can be especially challenging when space is sparse and every nook and cranny is filled with items of some sort.  There are some simple ways to rid your home of clutter and in so doing, free up a lot of your time and help you live a simpler life with less stress and mess.

First things first, go through your home and all your belongs and look for items that have been sitting a long time waiting to be used but which have gotten little to no use in a good year.  Everyone owns a couple items that were bought with the best intentions but are rarely if ever put to use.  Perhaps it’s a giant treadmill that was purchased at the start of a new year with promises of daily fitness but instead serves as little more than a place to hang piles of laundry.  A computer or other giant piece of electronics with a broken or missing piece that has been sitting and waiting to be repaired month after month gathering dust can be troublesome as well.  Start by getting rid of these kinds of items that you know in all honesty you aren’t really going to use of fix and clear out your home.

No one wants to get rid of good memories.  As a result, many people have a couple of boxes of stored pictures, documents, letters and trinkets which remind them of days gone by.  Of course holding onto some of these items is important and can be fun to go through from time to time when in a nostalgic mood.  However, once there is more than one, maybe two boxes full of stored memories, it can become a little overwhelming.  You could scan photos and let go of the originals to help cut back on physical clutter. The same can be done of important artwork or certificates that are significant to you.

Adopt the concept of “one item in, one item out”.  If you’re going to go clothes shopping again though you already have a pretty well stocked closet, or your child is begging for a new toy, consider getting rid of one item of clothing or one toy beforehand which the new item will replace.  This way you aren’t just adding more and more to your belongings as they pile up in your house.

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