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Hiring Tips for Small Businesses


In a small business, each new employee makes a tremendous impact on the company culture. Whether you are bringing on your first new hire or your ninth, the stakes are high for you as an entrepreneur. The cost per hire can be significant, especially if you are forced to search for the right candidate over an extended period of time, or if the new hire does not pan out. This is why it is so important to make sure that your candidates are as good a fit for the job as possible before they are hired. Here are some hiring tips for small businesses from Organizers Direct to make sure you hire the right person the first time.

Find the Talent

Where do your ideal candidates socialize with others in their industry? If you’re looking for a salesperson for example, a trade show offers the perfect opportunity to watch potential candidates work. If you need an employee with a niche skill and knowledge set, look for local meetups and follow niche forums. You never know when the right person will appear. To be more proactive, post job offerings on relevant websites and at industry conferences.

Make Expectations Clear from the Start

While vague job descriptions may net more applicants, a clear and concise job description allows you to attract the exact type of applicant you actually want to hire. Disclose any challenges or major changes the company is undergoing at the moment and don’t be so afraid of scaring away the candidate that you sugarcoat the role and end up with an employee who will quit in a month or so. Be specific and honest about the position and its goals before you offer the job to a candidate.

Offer Benefits

Employees look for benefits beyond healthcare and dental. Offer something that costs the company very little but yields a major benefit for your employees, such as workplace flexibility. Allowing employees to sometimes work from home or maintain a flexible schedule can be all the difference in attracting top talent and defeating employee burnout.


Consider your Culture

When hiring potential employees, be sure to evaluate their ability to fit in with your company culture. While a candidate may have the right experience and talent, it may be difficult for them to adapt to your corporate culture. Skills can be taught with proper training, but attitude, passion and personality cannot. It can be difficult to determine how candidates navigate conflict and react to difficult situations, so include questions in your interview that will help you to uncover this information. Additionally, work on defining your company culture so candidates will be able to determine whether or not they want to work for you from the start.

Always be Hiring

There’s no need to settle for the first candidate to walk through your front door. Take the time to find the absolute right person for the job and, once they are hired, don’t become complacent – always be on the lookout for top talent. You never know when a great candidate for your business will appear. Whether they made your coffee with a smile this morning or were closing countless deals at the last industry trade show, your next best employee may be closer than you think!

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