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Organize Your Closet

When fall rolls around, it’s time to start thinking about organizing for back to school.  Making sure your kids have their backpacks, school supplies and lunch boxes and of course, a whole new wardrobe. Kids grow fast so the clothes they wore last year to school may not fit them anymore.

So what should you do with all those outgrown clothes?  It’s best not to hang on to them because they will just clutter up your closet.  Decide what you want to keep and what to donate to Goodwill or other clothing charities.  Make it fun for the kids and let them get involved.  You can even put on a mini fashion show and have the kids try on all their old clothes to see what fits and what doesn’t.

Then, it’s time to organize what you do have.  It’s easiest to organize by outfit rather than by type of clothing.  For example, pair the blazer with the slacks and the long sleeve shirt with the jeans. That way, kids can grab the outfit quickly without having to look through their tops and bottoms separately.  For the little ones, they may end up picking out something that doesn’t match, so it’s a good idea to have the outfits already put together.  Consider hanging a hook on the outside of your closet.  Each night, have your children pick out an outfit and hang it on the hook so they are already to get dressed when they wake up in the morning.

Use matching hangers that are all one size.  A closet can look cluttered and disorganized if there are a bunch of mismatched hangers.  Keeping the hangers all one size and color will help a closet look neat and tidy.

Organize your closet by seasons too.  If you have a bunch of summer clothes hanging in the closet, store them in a box kept out of the way until next year.  Then, when summer rolls around, either donate the clothes or keep the ones that still fit.  If you have younger children, you may consider holding on to them for hand-me-downs.  If they are stained or torn, then you just may want to use them as old rags or throw them away altogether.

It’s also a good idea to store items like belts, scarves, hats and other accessories in see-through storage bins.  That way they aren’t just laying around the closet or getting in the way of other items, but instead they are within easy reach for the kids to access.

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