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Organizing the Unique Spaces in Your Home

There are a number of unique spaces in your home that could benefit from custom organization in order to become more efficient.  When your home is well-organized, it’s easier to find the things you are looking for and this can be a real time saver!  Most of us don’t like wasting time rummaging through cupboards, or going from closet to closet, trying to remember where we put that box of winter clothes.  Here are some ideas for organizing those less thought of spaces in your home.

The Linen Closet

Most of us have at least one linen closet with varying sizes and shape.  When a closet is big with deep shelves, we often initially react with glee because of all the storage space available. The problem is that large deep spaces can often become over stuffed; making it difficult to find what is actually in there.  A great way to make the space more useful is to alter the shelves so that smaller spaces are available or custom spaces are created for the actual appropriate items you store in your linen closet.

The Hobby Area

Many people have hobbies that could benefit from their own storage area.  For example, there are those who craft, scrapbook, sew, make models or have large collections.  Storage is an important part of making a hobby area useful and accessible.  By taking the time to plan a hobby area and creating a custom storage plan you will be able to enjoy your hobby more easily and more often.

China Storage

Some people have nice china that is only used for special occasions; others might have seasonal china for specific holidays.  Taking the time to organize both place settings and serving pieces will make them more accessible.  If your china is more readily available, you might just find more opportunities to celebrate and enjoy it!

The Hall Closet

Hall closets are very common in both homes and apartments, but sometimes they aren’t as useful as they could be.  Taking the time to customize and organize a hall closet can make it more user-friendly.  For example, perhaps you have small children who are unable to reach their own coats because of the height of the coat rack.  Perhaps you store your shoes in a hall closet which simply means there is large pile of shoes and boots at the bottom making it difficult to find a matching pair.  Perhaps you use your hall closet to store outdoor gear like hats and gloves, but they are easily lost because there is no real place to put them. Whatever the use of you hall closet, a little customized storage will go a long way.

Organizing the unique spaces in your home can save you time and hassle. It is also a great way to make life a little more enjoyable.

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