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10 Ways to Upgrade Walk-In Closets for Maximum Organization

You don’t have to be a celebrity to understand just how important it is to keep your clothes organized and ready to wear for last-minute events. It’s not just about being fashionable – it’s about getting more use from the clothes you already own. Here are ten tips to upgrade your walk-in closet and achieve maximum organization this season!

Make It Personal

We encourage everyone to personalize their walk-in closet as much as possible. We have endless options to choose from, including different door and drawer styles, color options and your choice of accessory organizers. The more we learn about you, the better our designers are able to customize your closet to meet your needs.

Find Your Inspiration

Getting dressed each morning shouldn’t be just a routine; it should be a transformation. Let us design an inspirational space for you start your day. Whether it’s finding the right outfit for an important meeting or composing your thoughts as you prepare for the day ahead, an organized closet will help you find your inspiration.

Mind the Details

Closets are filled with tiny things. Keep heirloom pieces of jewelry, cufflinks, tie clips, pins, and brooches protected and organized with our velvet-lined jewelry organizers. This is the best way to care for precious accessories so they stay beautiful – and easy to find – for years to come.

Hey, Good Looking!

What’s a closet without a mirror? Our selection of high-quality mirrors ensures you can look your best every day. It doesn’t hurt to admire your style a bit before walking out the door, either.

Let the Sunshine In

Your closet is where you get a preview of how the rest of the world will see you that day, so we recommend investing in high quality lighting fixtures. Dim lighting can dampen your mood while fluorescents make everything seem unattractive.  If you have the ceiling height, opt for a pretty chandelier which will not only give you optimal light but brighten your spirits as well.

Spoil Yourself

For an organized walk-in closet that’s also comfortable, add plush accessories like a large mirror, plush chair or an island for extra storage and counter space. The sky is the limit when it comes to your closet! It’s okay to splurge on certain things in life. Your closet is one of them.

So Shoe Me

It’s not a crime to have too many shoes. Flaunt your collection with shoe organizers just as unique as your fashion sense. Whether you want space for you favorite Louboutins or a collection of flip flops, we have a shoe display to fit your needs. Not only do shoe organizers keep your favorite pairs of shoes accessible, but they also protect them from wear and tear when they aren’t on your feet.

Keep Your Options Open

Organizers Direct is one of the few companies that offers organizational systems that can be readjusted later if you change your mind. Items like premium hanging rods can be adjusted to the perfect height, cut to size, and be moved to other sections of the closet as needed. Don’t let life box you in; embrace your freedom!

On-Demand Design

The great thing about a custom walk-in closet organizational system is that it’s 100 percent unique. This design is yours and only yours. Our designers use a 3D program that allows you to visualize the complete organizational unit, wood color, drawer and door design, as well as any extras you selected. The big picture is just as important as anything else.

Take Back Your Time

Your time is worth a lot. Don’t let a cluttered closet add precious minutes to your morning routine. The right custom organizational system can transform your walk-in closet from “disaster” to “dazzling.” Breeze in and out of your closet without any hassle.

Imagine a streamlined morning routine that uplifts and inspires you each and every morning. Organizational units aren’t just about keeping your clothes wrinkle-free and easy to find; they help you enjoy a life with less stress. Isn’t it about time you invested in yourself? Locate a designer near you to discover what your walk-in closet can do for you.


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