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Expensive Tools and Equipment Should Have Their Own Place in the Garage

Unfortunately, the garage is one of those places where it’s easy to stash all the things that we aren’t currently using.  The garage can easily become overrun by junk; boxes of stuff filled with things that should probably be thrown away. It’s a shame that one of the best storage spaces in our house becomes more like a black hole, where if something goes in, it doesn’t come out.

Steps to Organization:

On the other hand if you take the time to organize your garage you may be surprised to discover just how easy it is to locate all those items you knew you had, but didn’t bother looking for.  In addition, all the expensive tools and equipment that have been sitting out there unused will not only become useful again, they will last longer because they are well cared for.

So how do you tackle a garage organization project? Here are a few tips:

Ideally you should set aside the time to take everything out of the garage and place it somewhere you can sort through it, like the driveway.  If you can’t remove everything all at once then you should at least start to sort through what is easily obtainable.  For each item, you have to decide whether it’s something you should keep, throw away or donate.

Sorting at this early stage of the project is also a good time to organize smaller items like screws and nails into boxes or containers.  Garden tools, holiday decorations, etc are items that need their own box. It’s probably worth purchasing some plastic containers too, so that these items are not only accessible, but protected.

As you are sorting the items, you should start to categorize the kinds of things you have.  For example, you may have a lot of nice sports equipment, or perhaps you have some expensive power tools that need their own place.  Other common categories of garage items include car supplies, seasonal items, holiday decorations, pool or beach gear and camping equipment.  By grouping items together you should be able to get an idea of how many designated areas you will need in your garage.

The next step is to decide where in the garage each zone will be and determine the best kind of storage that area will need.  Keep in mind that there is usually quite a bit of vertical space in a garage, including the ceiling.  Installing organizing shelves and cupboards will help you ensure that all the equipment and tools you have in your garage will have a place of their own, where they will be easily accessible and well cared for. Contact one of our dealers to help with your garage organization!

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