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What You Need to Know About Kitchen Organization

Have your ever looked through the pantry wondering how you can find anything at all?  If you have a large family, there may be boxes of cereal, cookies, crackers, snacks and other food items blocking other food items making it hard to find what you need.   Maybe you are making a cake and need to find the salt. If the salt is in the pantry, and your pantry is not organized, finding that one ingredient may take you a long time.

That is why kitchen organization is a good idea.  Especially organization in the pantry.  It would be nice to open up the pantry and have everything in a certain place.  The snacks on one shelf, baking ingredients on the other.  Cereal in neatly stored bins and canned items all stacked in one neat area.  This would make it much easier to find items when you really need them.

To start organizing your pantry, remove everything and place it in boxes or on the counter. Check expiration dates of everything and toss out expired or old food.  Next, wipe down the shelves in the pantry.  They may be dusty or food may have spilled leaving behind crumbs.  It’s important to make sure all food has been wiped off the shelves or you may have some unwanted visitors such as mice or ants who want to occupy your pantry.

When your shelves are clean, and the old or expired food has been tossed, it’s time to start putting things back in your pantry.  Make sure you group your food items together.  For example, cereals together, canned goods together, boxed mixes such as mac and cheese and pasta dishes together, dry goods such as flour and sugar together, and snack items together.  Arrange your items so that the taller items are behind the shorter items. You may also want to put rarely used items up on a higher shelf and the items you use most on an eye level shelf so that they are easier to grab.

If you don’t have a lot of space in your pantry, you can take some items such as soda and wine and store them in the basement or garage.  Also consider taking pasta, flour, pretzels, cereal or any other food that comes in a bag and store it in airtight clear containers.  This will keep your food fresher longer and will keep bugs at bay.  It may also help prevent spills because the items are no longer in bags that can get tipped over.

Organizing your pantry will make life much easier for you and your family.  Make sure the kids understand the importance of keeping the pantry orderly and that all of the food items stay in their category or space in the pantry.

If you want more ideas on how to organize your kitchen or pantry, contact Organizers Direct for a free in-home estimate.

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